SmartPayCard, prepaid MasterCard for every pocket


SmartPayCard, prepaid MasterCard, with no direct relation to your bank account. On your SmartPayCard account you load the funds and instantly you can pay to all merchants, that accepts MasterCard (including PayPal, iStore, Google Play, eBay ...).

With prepaid card you can only spend as much as you loaded, since it is not related to your bank account.

Prepaid card allows you simple, and most important, 
perfectly safe payments on internet.


SmartPayCard, prepaid MasterCard





SmartPayCard Premium - action

  • Validity - up to 36 months (beginning with the month of card production)
  • Monthly subscription fee - 0€
  • Transaction fee on 32 MIO POS and WEB - 0€
  • On-line access - 0€
  • SMS balance check, curd unlock and management - 0€
    (your telco price list applies)
  • Use of eWallet - 0€
  • Loading of eWallet over EU universal bank transfer - 0€
  • Loading with SmartPayCard Simple - 0€
  • Loading of card from 1€ up to 1.000€ - 1€
  • Surcharge for loading of card from 1€ up to 100€ on point of sale - 1€
  • Surcharge for loading of card from 1€ up to 25€ with Moneta - 1€
  • Purchase of card with generic name on POS - instant
  • Interconnection with your bank account - not required
  • Personal data at new card purchase - not required (TCS applies)
  • On-line personal documents upload proving the ID of user for higher limits on card (KYC) - 0€
  • One time activation cost of new phisical card - 15€
  • One time activation cost of new virtual card - 10€
  • ATM cash withdrawal inside EU - 1,5€
  • Monthly subscription after 3 months od of inactivity - 1€
  • On-line or SMS Premium card to Premium card transfer (both KYC) - 1%
  • Maxium Card balance (KYC) - 15.000€
  • Action price list validity - from tehnical implementation, unteel end the of action prices.
  • Action prices substitutes relevant prices in the price list.


  • New AML regulation changes the limits of the NO KYC SmartPayCard Premium cards


    Since Nov. 19th 2016 on, new AML law in Slovenia (ZPPDFT-1) changes the allowed limits of the use of NO KYC SmartPayCard Premium cards:

    1. one single load of total maximum up to 250 €
    2. ATM withdrawal only up to 100€.

    To pass the new limits card holder can proceed with KYC upgrade process inside the card portal.

    We apologies for inconvenience.

    SmartPayCard team




  • SmartPayCard Simple awarded in Best International Prepaid Category by Prepaid 365


    SmartPayCard Simple, prepaid MasterCard got Runner Up Award in category Best International Prepaid Card by Prepaid 365.

  • SmartPayCard is now available!


    We invite you to try out new services in a safe online payments.

    SmartPayCard is a prepaid MasterCard card, you can easly obtain and use.

    We welcome any feedback on the first experiences: or 031 891 888. team and team.